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MAK and ODA are the organizations behind the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pledge. By working together, we aim to accelerate and drive real change within diversity, equity and inclusion for all companies. By expanding the scope for both organizations, along the verticals of gender and ethnicity, both MAK and ODA are developing in line with the market demand and strategic direction for the future.
MAK is a leading Norwegian organization working on systemic change around diversity, equity and inclusion - with a particular focus on ethnicity and gender. We work to increase the competitiveness of Norway and Norwegian businesses by catalyzing diversity and intercultural competence as a key competitive advantage. Our work is based on three pillars:

COMMUNITY: We believe that positive change can come through empowering diverse talents through democratizing the access to opportunities, networks and leaders. Currently we have Norway's largest network and community of young leadership talents with diverse backgrounds or intercultural expertise.

ORGANIZATION: We support, empower, educate and co-create solutions to leapfrog the state of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and within organizations.

SOCIETY: Through actively participating in relevant arenas with decision makers, leaders, politicians and other relevant stakeholders, we set the agenda through thought leadership, educate and shape the narrative on diversity and inclusion from a negative to a positive one, from a perspective of a liability to a perspective of an opportunity.
ODA is the leading meeting place for women in tech in the Nordics with more than 11.000 members and more than 50 strategic partners across various industries. The network is non-profit and more than 40 enthusiastic volunteers facilitate events, networking, mentoring and professional expertise with the overall goal to increase gender diversity in tech.

OUR MISSION: Through increasing the number of women in technology, women leaders and women business owners, we contribute to better solutions and a better future for businesses and society.

Our goal is to inspire and equip women in technology to empower themselves and others to lead the change. By facilitating the exchange of experiences, skills development and personal development, ODA creates a shared meeting space for inspiration and motivation, delivers tools for empowering our members, and together with our partners promote technology as a great workplace.

OUR VISION: We empower Women in Tech to Lead the Change.

OUR VALUES: Inspiration | Bravery | Empowerment | Passion

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