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The Pledge

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge aims to bring together key leaders, decision-makers, and personalities from businesses and organizations who believe in the value and untapped potential of gender and multicultural diversity.
It represents a commitment by leaders to work actively in order to set diversity, equity and inclusion as strategic priorities in their organizations and to be allies and ambassadors for the creation of a more inclusive business environment.
The Pledge can be signed by C-level managers that can commit, both individually and in the name of their organizations, to work to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the context of their company and industry.

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The DEI Toolbox

By joining the CEO Commitment you get access to the DEI Toolbox, a framework that your organization can use to create tailored initiatives to accelerate the state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Join the CEO Commitment

Signing the Pledge involves a commitment to a few clear, quantifiable, and time-bound goals. By signing, both the signing leader and the company recognize that gender and multicultural diversity and inclusion require solutions at all levels, both internally in the organization and externally in the value chain.

The signatory makes public the intention and commitment to work actively to create a workplace that cultivates an organizational culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging and has an equal opportunity to succeed.

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Increasing diversity and inclusion in business requires solutions both within and across organizations. Within a single company, diversity and inclusion needs to be a strategic priority, with the entire leadership team behind it. In a society, in order to create change there is a need to discuss ideas, share best practices and co-create solutions.